Blind Date Genius

Yesterday I came home to the bathroom screaming Taylor Swift’s new lyrics, my housemate frantically applying mascara, and then more mascara, and then a little more after that. “Does this shirt look good, or should I change it?” she asks me and I start telling her about my day, the funny stories the kiddies wrote for me with their actions, and my friend and I sitting on a roof sipping hot coffee.

If she is distracted she won’t stress so much about the blind date that I set up for her. For a moment she is listening to my rambles, but eventually I have to bust her tranquil forgetfulness with reality. It’s time to leave, and I would rather she isn’t too late for my friend who would so patiently wait for her should she be.

The delay tactics she plays are good, but another housemate helps me in ushering her to her car. Now it’s just fingers crossed that she will drive to the meeting place, walk into the meeting place and talk in friendly tones to the meeting face.

I got a message from her telling me that she had just parked, and then it was her turn to fly, “fly little bird!” Can I tell you the helplessness you feel being on the wrong side of the blind date. I mean, my boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate me being set up on one of those, so I guess it’s a good thing I was on the wrong side.

I sat on the couch, waiting to hear the gate bumping open. I was joined for a bit by my housemate who eventually lost interest and went to get ready for bed. My boyfriend also kept me company for a while, bringing me tea and playing ‘Friends’ in the background of my anxious wait.

JC with the feline, while cooler people are out on dates

Minutes turned to hours turned to days…

Kidding. She finally walked through the door, “be cool, Jordy. Be cool.” I held my tongue, but couldn’t hold my giant smile that scared her as she came in. “All I’m going to say is that you chose well,” she said as she ran upstairs to pajama herself.

You guys, I crushed it. Maybe they won’t go out again, maybe there will be one or two more coffee dates, maybe something more, but there was a date with lots of talking, laughing and stories because two people were brave enough to trust their friend.

I didn’t even go on the date but in the end I think I felt the happiest out of everyone involved.

“Because a promise between friends means never having to give a reason” – Phoebe

Two girls sitting across from two boys at a burger joint during Happy Hour.
That’s what you would have seen last night. You also would have seen passionate hand movements and belly laughter.

We have a group that tries to regularly meet up (although, it’s not so regularly). When we do, there is so much catching up to do, and deep questions to ask, and giggles to be had.

We started at five with our happy hour drinks. By six- thirty the two girls are ravenous and order chicken strips and croquets. By seven fifteen, one of the boys orders himself a pizza, and the evening ends on coffees all-round.

I’m pretty certain that our waitress got annoyed with our petty ordering, and the fact that the table eventually got to the point where we had stopped ordering, but weren’t asking for the cheque.

I know it’s not the greatest way to treat your waitress, but we just had so so much to catch up on, questions to ask and stories to hear. Plus we gave her a great tip, so she definitely won in the end.

We eventually dragged ourselves away from the table and headed out to our cars. We took selfies in the elevator and pressed all the buttons on the way down, just to prolong the night, wishing that it wasn’t coming to an end. True juvenile style.

Our gentlemen friends walked us to our cars and waited until we were safely out of the parking lot before they went their separate ways.

I’m pretty sure we all drove home with big smiles on our faces and big thoughts in our heads.

It’s so corny, but hang onto friendships that leave you feeling like last night left me feeling.