Meet the Parents

Nope nope nope. I’m not meeting his dad, family are off limits, it’s much too early in the relationship to ask such things.

I got the, “But my dad is really great, you’ll love him.”

He got the, “This isn’t fair, you haven’t met my family yet, why do I have to meet yours?”

Yes, I am dramatic and immature and make a weak argument. Why he’s still with me, we’ll never know.

Long story short, he won and my pettiness was shown up.

He proudly introduced me to his dad, and I pathetically laughed at nothing funny and otherwise sat mute. Of the four times I spoke to him, two times I shouldn’t have opened my mouth. The first incident was worse than the second.

After boyfriend left to make us tea, it was just me and boyfriend’s dad. Boyfriend’s brother walked past and I said, “Hey, come sit with us.” His reply was, “I’m just going to put a shirt on.” I responded with, “No! You look great without a shirt, come sit.” All the while, boyfriend’s dad was watching.

The second, albeit not as bad, was finally building up the courage to make conversation with the dad by asking him if he enjoys living in the country that he has been living in for the last ten years. When he said yes, I replied with the most surprised, “Really?” He’s ever heard.

Now you’ll understand why I really didn’t want to meet the parents; not because I was worried that they wouldn’t be nice, but because I knew that I would be a complete disaster.

Good luck to his mom who gets to meet me next week.

What’s in a Name?

“Why The Golden Strawberry?” my non- existent readers may be asking themselves.

As a girl, there are a lot of problems that I can find with myself – it comes with the territory of being female unfortunately. However, I do like my hair. It’s kind of wavy, kind of straight, it’s easily flat- ironed or curled, and the colour has been contested on multiple occasions.

Mostly I get told that it’s pretty golden in colour, but a few others have said that it is strawberry blonde. I think it has a lot to do with whether I’ve been lying like a beached whale in the sun or not.

Anyways, I played around with a few different titles for my blog name and somehow the Golden Strawberry became the winning contestant.

Yeah. That story was exhilarating right? Hopefully my writers block will lift asap, and the next blog post you get will be more typical of me and what I love to write about.

Your new #schmodel right here