There is fear jailed between my eyes and eyelids,

Torturing my nightmares,

Stress eats the butterflies in my stomach,

Anxiety bullies my sore heart.

Softly, I whisper hope for layers of peace.

A layer of peace to silence the fear, a layer of peace to shatter the stress, a layer of peace to snuff the anxiety.

Whispers of hope to fall asleep beneath a warm and safe Comforter of Peace.

“I’m a lone wolf. A loner. Alone”

This morning, Male Housemate woke up early, made himself some tea, began making a quick breakfast and doing the usual before- work routine when he looked at his phone and proclaimed in anger, “There’s no work today! Why am I awake?”
He promptly grabbed his tea and went back to bed, leaving me standing in the kitchen, highly amused by the show I got to witness so early on a Sunday morning.

Upstairs Housemate has gone home for the holidays so at the moment it’s Married Housemates and Third Wheel Me. And when it comes to third wheeling, I have no ‘skaam’ (shame). After making my dinner, I join them on the couch while they’re eating their food and watching a movie. This morning, we all made breakfast together and ate it on the couches, deciding what we were going to do for the day after the electricity went out.

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep. I usually come home and end up sitting on Upstairs Housemate’s bed, telling her how my night was, with dramatic flair added. I felt too overloaded with my stories to go to bed, so I snuck downstairs to sit on Married Female Housemate’s bed and tell her my tales. Luckily Male Housemate was studying in the office. She got highly surprised to see me, but promptly moved over on the bed so that I could share my evening with her.

To be fair, they are a couple who make room for a spare wheel. They call me to join them and offer for me to have breakfast together, so I guess I’m lucky.

In our beautiful symbiotic relationship the other night, Married Female Housemate and I were sitting in the dark (load shedding duh) watching series that we had downloaded in preparation, asking poor Male Housemate to please replenish our tea mugs for us, “and while you’re doing that, please bring through some chocolate as well.”

People often feel sorry for the third wheel, but honestly they should rather feel bad for the poor male who has to cater to two fussy girls.

“I’ll be there for you”

Sometimes where I live we get pretty hectic evening thunderstorms with the lightning and the claps and the flashfloods. It’s not uncommon for electricity lines to be hit and power to go out for a few hours.

Last night was such a night, and equated to us collapsing on the couch in defeat, pulling out our phones to use the last of their battery life to find the closest and tastiest take- out place. Our one housemate answered a call from a friend inviting her to a last minute dinner, and we stared at her in betrayal as she peace- signed her way out of the house to her well- lit, home- cooked meal.

Luckily the electricity came on right after a rejection phone call from our favourite chicken strips and chips restaurant (they too were out of power). We chose to cook our own food and then head out to our nearby petrol station for chocolate and biscuits. I know, I know, we’re super classy like that.

Rain and thunder, two dogs quivering at our feet, warm food, tea and sweeties were all made even better by the episode- after- episode of ‘Friends’ that we binge- watched.

Here it is guys, confession time. Unlike all other millennials who have, in recent years, discovered the hilarity and pure brilliance that is ‘Friends,’ I was practically raised on the series. As a six- year old, I would sneak into the lounge on a Friday night, when it aired, and watch it with my parents – either they were unaware of the inappropriateness of a six- year old watching this, or they were just completely unaware that their six- year old was watching it.

These little tiptoed, maybe- not- so- secret trips to see my favourite show resulted in years bonding with my cousins over this series. Nights where our parents all went out, and we were clumped into one house to be babysat together, we would watch hours of ‘Friends.’ My one cousin had all the DVD boxsets of the series.

We would quote lines to each other and laugh over our favourite parts, fight over who got to be Rachel, and compare reality to funny scenes from ‘Friends.’

Nowadays, it’s my got- to when I feel homesick, it’s a comfort when I’m in bed with the flu, it’s what I watch while I fall asleep, and it’s still what my brother and I quote to each other all the time. If you went onto my Facebook wall and scrolled back a few years, you would see a ‘Friends’ quote war happening between my sibling and myself.

Now that you know the backstory to my slight obsession, you can understand why each of my post titles is a line or episode title from my favourite show.

You still have time to Netflix ‘Friends’ and binge- watch it from beginning to end. I can wait.