Little Fairy

I’m going to try something a little different with this post; one of my very best friends is moving overseas next week, and in trying to write her a farewell card, a little story began that I decided to share on my blog for the very few who read it.

there once was a little fairy who lived with all her beautiful fairy friends in a Faerie home.

Her magic came from her long silver hair that sprinkled golden glitter in the echoes of her footsteps. People would run up to catch a small handful before it reached the ground and lost its power.

Little Fairy loved her friends, so they always surrounded her, listening to her stories and making her laugh. Little Fairy loved animals, so owls would sit in her trees outside her window and ‘who’ at her, delighting her. Little Fairy loved tea, so her teacup was always full. Little Fairy loved family, so Fairy King made sure that her Tiny Apprentice Fairy happened to be her nephew.

Little Fairy would drink tea with her friends, whole blinking up at her owls. Her favourite days ended when she got to sit next to Tiny Apprentice Fairy and sing him her most treasured lullabies.

The only thing that Little Fairy loved but didn’t have was her Beautiful Big Adventure.

She loved her favourite days, and all the days in between that only held one or two of her favourite thing, but her heart would beat faster when she thought about different trees that homed new birds, people who were waiting to meet her, and colourful cups of freshly brewed tea that she hadn’t tasted yet.Her golden glitter didn’t fall in steady sprinkles anymore, but rather in random and small pinches. She knew that it was time to chase Beautiful Big Adventure.

Of course, Little Fairy had to end of her time in her Faerie Home well, and so she gave her magnificent owls one last blink. She drank one more delicious cup of tea from her cupcake teacup and she squeezed her fairy friends tightly, giving them one last sprinkle of golden glitter to hold onto. Although it broke her heart a little, she sang all her most treasured lullabies to Tiny Apprentice Fairy, warmly holding his hand to make sure that the melodies clung to his memories.

With her little fairy rucksack and her best fairy silver sneakers, she fluttered her fairy wings and moved closer towards her Beautiful Big Adventure.

Fairy King made sure that the eagles moved out of her way and blocked her ears when big planes bumped past in their rush to reach their destinations; and the closer that she got to her Beautiful Big Adventure, the happier her smile became and the more the golden glitter sprinkled from her hair.

This is how far I’ve got.

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